You make the friggin’ time!

image (1)It passes by the same no matter what we do.  Eating, watching tv, being busy, being lazy.  Whatever you do, time passes the same way. Sometimes it passes too slow or too quickly.  It can be invested or wasted.  Time can be on your side or it can be against you.

Most successful people take action on what they have learned FAST!  They make decisions quickly and decisively, weighing all the information they have at hand and committing.image (3)

I’m talking about right away.

Not next week.

Not when “xyz” happens.

But NOW.

Things are happening NOW, not later.  If you wait for later than you will always be putting things off until timing is just right.  Well, it is very rarely something that is ever ‘just right’.  Time just happens. It passes by.

No time? Not enough time? YOU MAKE THE FRIGGIN’ TIME or you make the excuses…your choice.


So that thing (whatever it might be), such as  that commitment to working out and eating healthy you were “going” to start, do it NOW.

All these things you were “going” to do need to get DONE. You need to stop talking about them and get after them!

So commit to yourself that this week you’ll put in work on things you have been putting off. Back up the commitment to yourself by telling someone else your action plan to.  Someone that will help hold you accountable to the investment you will be making in time for yourself.  Time to take care of yourself.


Action loves speed.   Remember, speed kills the competition!  How fast are you? Don’t tell me, SHOW me!

Let’s go, make this the best week ever!  TIme to GET GOING! image (5)
Everyone has 24 hours in a day…what cuts us apart is how we use that 24 hours. Time is a gift, use it wisely before it runs out.



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