You might have something in common with Miley Cyrus

Twitter lit up last night. The big talk was Miley Cyrus on the MTV video music awards. Thankfully, I missed her lack of performance then I foolishly googled it because the social media streams were fired up. My first thought was: drugs ruins you. Second thought was, her poor family-her dad needs to achy breaky her heart into rehab. Miley went from America’s  sweetheart to someone unrecognizable. 

When I see former clients who have allowed their food drugs take over their lives, I feel what I am sure Miley’s dad felt like last night after watching her. Sad.






What does Miley have to do with health and fitness? Actually..pull out a picture of yourself from 5 years ago, 10 years ago and 15 years ago. What do you look like? Have you been chasing the you from 15yrs ago? Do you want your pre children body back?

Food can be used as a drug. A drug that you need to survive. We have started abusing food just like an addict abuses alcohol or drugs.



Food is suppose to heal and nourish not add 50lbs to our frame and make our knees and back ache.


You are in the body you are in because of the choices you have made.

You can change your body and start seeing a difference this week – so are you going to make some changes?



Pull out a picture of the person you use to be and start today in getting back to her/him. You will have to eat real food and you will have to get sweaty.

Today is the day you get off the crack (junk food) and you get back to your old self.

Miley has been wrecked with meth, what is your drug …wine, pizza, donuts? whatever your drug is….stop it! Set your goal and go after it. 



Party like a boot camper! 



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