Your excuse… not accepted.

I am fortunate to get a lot of WOW moments doing what I do.  I get to cheer and celebrate all of your wins and successes big and small.  I get to go on these life changing journeys with you and it is incredible!

I am the first to do a back flip because you lost 5lbs…well, metaphorically, I am a boot camper, not a gymnast.  I love celebrating (celebrating with hi-5’s that is)  that you made it through the week without cheating and eating junk food.

I am lucky you share with me great things that are happening with your family and how you are all on a road to healthy eating.

Yesterday was another banner day.  I had heard from a fellow boot camper that she had lost 10lbs in her first month of boot camp and she is so close to her pre pregnancy weight.  This is a big deal because Megan started boot camp 6 weeks postpartum–booo yaah!!!  I will be honest, when I was six weeks postpartum I wasnt able to string a sentence together!!!  She has her goal insight and nothing will set her back now…that is awesome. She won’t be carrying around “baby weight” or use it as an excuse.

I hear that one a lot…”I need to lose the baby weight“.  I reply, “How old is the baby” and the usual answer is “my baby is X yrs old!” Not months…YEARS!Last evening class Rob and Janine, (husband and wife boot campers) PROVED that you can still make time for boot camp.  They are also new parents.  They just had their 3rd bundle of joy! Janine, the rock star that she is showed up once she got the all clear from her Dr.  So these parents (who are tired, hungry, tired, exhausted, tired etc) showed up to boot camp last night even though they couldn’t find a sitter for the baby.  They showed up anyway!

They took turns Boot Camping hard and modifying the exercises with the stroller.  They both still managed to workout for the hour.  AMAZING! Most people would’ve thrown in the towel.  They showed up.  Me = prouder than proud!!!! They just proved that no matter what is going on, excuses or “reasons”  you can still somehow manage to get your workout in…and they worked as a team…fantastic!

To all of you that make the effort, I raise my water bottle to you!

I know its tough and some days are worse than others but the fact you have put your health as a priority is incredible!

To those of you that are struggling, I beg of you to make the effort. Don’t let excuses get the best of you.  You invest one hour a day I promise you will feel so much better that you’ll soon feel like you will be able to take on the world!!!

You are in charge of how you look and feel….you get to decide.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Now, go drink some water, eat healthy-real food and kick Wednesday in the a$&!!!

See you at boot camp!!!!

I’m sorry, you were saying?



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