Your mistakes should be your motivation, never your excuses.

You can’t hope away the extra pounds.  Simple enough sentence but really think about it this:

“If you want to see change, you have to make the change happen.”

We all get off track from time to time and the reality is life happens. You don’t give up, you don’t throw in the towel and you don’t make excuses.

As one wise boot camper said to me, “Those times when you don’t feel like showing up; when you are busy, stressed, over scheduled, that’s when you do show up”

Know the difference between a set back and failure.

Set Back: You slipped up, lost focus, got busy, caved in, got lazy

Failure: You decided your health wasn’t worth the effort.

You can recover from set backs pretty easy.  As long as you don’t suffer set backs too often and your commitment on your goal is always your prime focus.

When you feel like quitting or not showing up you need to remember the reason why you started.  Your goal, whatever it is, has to be from your heart.  Your, “I want it so bad!” motivator.

I am here to motivate you, but you have to actually want to see change.

The excuses get old and tired.  There has to come a point where you just stop making excuses.  I guarantee you that there is someone out there that is busier than you, stressed more than you, over-scheduled more that you and they still manage to eat healthy and exercise.

So what’s stopping you???? That’s right, your answer should be NOTHING!!

I read a great quote and I think this needs to stay with everyone

“Dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start”

Recognizing the things that you do wrong is a great step to fixing your mindset.  You have to be honest with yourself. Your mistakes should be part of your motivation to succeed, not your excuses when you measure your failure.

Hockey practices, swimming lessons, tough day at work, shopping, tired, hungry.  Guess what.  So many people think those reasons for not eating healthy and not exercising are justifiable because you got to “take part” or be there.  Good, you should be there, but what about the television, talk on the phone, surf Facebook time.  Pass on that stuff, because it’s not what the people who are hitting their goals are doing.  And when those people look back, they won’t be saying, “I wish I would have spent more time updating my status, or watching TV.” Nope, they’re looking in the mirror and saying, “It was so worth it!!”

Your mistakes should be your motivation, never your excuses.




  1. i would like to think i am not a quitter as that is such a harsh word, because i must obviously be thinking it somewhere. its funny i haven’t been to bootcamp since last week, and just missing not going in that week in a bit can sure bring me down, your right we all have stories and reasons not to come but i can tell for me when i miss as much as i do it sure as hell brings me down and i do make excuses and i do need to make changes and darn its time to really get down to it. thanks for posting this blog today, as this last week and bit have been quite difficult and i will see u out there tonight.


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